English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses

These courses are designed for English language learners who have had opportunities to develop language and literacy skills in their own language appropriate to their age or grade level.

Most English language learners are in this group. These learners may be entering from elementary school or they may be entering high school having recently arrived from other countries.

Students will take an online assessment before arriving in Canada that will help determine the appropriate level of ESL, school placement and course selection.

Students may substitute up to three ESL courses for compulsory English credit requirements in high school. The remaining English credit is chosen from one of the compulsory English courses. Additional ESL credits may be counted as optional credits earned towards graduation.

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  ESLAO Beginner
  ESLBO High Beginner
  ESLCO Low Intermediate
  ESLDO High Intermediate
  ESLEO Advanced
  ENGLISH Grade 10 or 11 After ESL
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Levels A – E
(Most Support)

Levels D and E

Levels D and E
(Less Intensive Needs)