Welcome & Orientation 2018 – Centennial CVI

Monday, August 27 2018
Welcome and Assessment at Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute

The following link will provide a tour of your new school and let you know what to expect before you arrive: 2018 Spartan Mentors-ELL Student Info


289 College Avenue West
Guelph, Ontario






Please arrive at 9:30 a.m.
Please bring:

Passport & Study Permit
Custodian Declaration Document
Host Family Address and Contact Information
Latest original transcript/report card
Immunization Record
Pen, pencil, eraser and scientific calculator

During this day you will be welcomed to our school board and get an overview about our program.  You will also do an English and Math assessment to ensure you are being placed in the appropriate class for your abilities.
We will also have a representative from homestay there for you to meet.
Lastly, there will be representatives present from the Royal Bank to assist in setting up a bank account for you if needed.
A catered lunch will be provided for you on this day.  If you have any food restrictions, please email us at the email below to let us know.

**This day will end at different times for each student depending on the amount of time they take to complete their assessments.  Please arrange with your homestay host about how to contact them when you are finished for the day and make arrangements for your way home.

Tuesday, August 28 2018

School Tour day at Centennial CVI 

Please arrive at 1:30pm and meet in the GI room, mentors will meet at the front doors to direct you there.  The afternoon will be facilitated mostly by the mentors – tour of school, receiving timetable, getting a locker, becoming familiar with their classroom location, and answering questions from both a student and teacher perspective. Session ends around 3:30pm.

** Please arrange with your homestay host about how to contact them when you are finished for the day and make arrangements for your way home.

** Please note, any students not attending the school orientation on August 28th need to meet Mrs. Walmsley in room A113 at 8:15am on their first day of school.


All students must pack for camp and get a good rest…camp will be busy!!! Packing list is below. Do not bring any valuables as neither UGDSB, ISX nor the camp will be responsible for any missing items.

Wednesday, August 29 to Friday August 31 2018

Pick up at Guelph CVI (155 Paisley Street, Guelph) at 8:00am


Welcome to the Upper Grand District School Board’s 2018 Orientation at Camp Kandalore.  Below are a few things you should know about Camp Kandalore before you arrive.


Kandalore is located in Ontario’s cottage country.  It is approximately 300 km from Guelph and 250 km from Orangeville.


Everyone will be sleeping in cabins.  The cabins are warm and provide a comfortable place to sleep.  The toilets and showers are nearby, but not inside the cabins.  There are separate buildings for males and females.


All meals are prepared on site by a catering company.  If you have any special dietary needs (allergies, lactose intolerance, vegan, etc.) please email international.student@ugdsb.on.ca by August 22nd so they can make the camp aware and alternate options can be prepared.  Please note that the camp has adopted a “nut free” policy.


You will be divided into activity groups (mixture of males, females, and languages). You will do all of the daily activities with this group and you will also have the opportunity to take part in some entire-school activities, usually in the evenings.  A member of the Kandalore staff will lead you through the program which consists of activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, Inuit blanket toss, archery, team problem solving challenges, etc.

Our Kandalore Schedule – this is tentative and may change if needed

Wednesday, August 29
8:00     Depart Guelph Collegiate GCVI
10:30   Lunch at Weber’s (popular lunch location in Muskoka)
11:15.  Drive from Weber’s to Camp Kandalore
1:00     Orientation to camp, cabin assignments and swim test
2:30     Afternoon activities in activity groups
6:00     Dinner
6:45     Workshop – Ms. Patriquin Intro to UGDSB
7:30.    Evening program with entire school
9 p.m.  Evening Snack
**Staff will determine curfews and lights out.  Area will be supervised after lights out.

Thursday, August 30
7:30     Supervised Polar Bear Dip
8:30     Breakfast
9:15     Morning activities in activity groups
12:30   Lunch
1:15     Free Time
2:00     Afternoon activities in activity groups
5:30     Dinner
6:15     Workshop
7:00     Campfire
8:30     Snack
9:00     Informal campfire

Friday August 31
7:15     Supervised Polar Bear Dip
8:00     Breakfast and pack bags
8:45     Morning activities in activity groups
12:00   Lunch
12:30   Slide show and reflections on camp experience
6:00     Drop off at Guelph CVI (155 Paisley Street, Guelph)

*** Please be sure you have the contact information for your host.  If there is traffic on the way home, we could be late.  If you have their contact information, we can make them aware if there is a change to the pick up time.


Here is a list that should give you an idea of what to bring on your trip.  Remember that most of what you will do takes place outside and the weather could be wet, hot or cool.  Please bring clothing that you are willing to get dirty!! Remember…this is camp 😀 

  • Money or a packed lunch for our stop at Weber’s on the first day
  • jacket
  • hoodies or a warm sweater
  • long pants
  • shorts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • t-shirts
  • underwear
  • socks – bring extras as your feet could get wet
  • hat for sun protection
  • toque and a pair of mittens if the evenings look like they will be cool
  • 2 pairs of shoes – running shoes would be best as you will be very active, keep in mind that they might get wet or dirty so do not bring new shoes –you might also want flip-flops for the shower
  • bathing suit
  • a beach towel and a towel for the shower
  • a sleeping bag/pillow – talk to your host ahead of time to see if they can lend one to you
  • pajamas
  • a refillable water bottle
  • a rain jacket (pants too if you like)
  • a flashlight
  • sunscreen and bug spray
  • toiletries

Do not bring…

  • junk food – food is not allowed in the cabins
  • valuables – i-pods, jewellery, large sums of money, etc.
  • knives, lighters, matches…this is a smoke free facility, and smoking is not permitted for UGDSB ISP students at any time

Though Kandalore does their best to find and return lost items, it is common for belongings to get misplaced or damaged during a visit.  Please consider this while choosing what to bring.  Kandalore is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!