Norwell District Secondary School














Norwell District Secondary School (Norwell): | Student Population: 600

THE SCHOOL: Norwell District Secondary School (Norwell) is located in the town of Palmerston. Norwell has a rich history that began in the fall of 1940, when it first opened its doors as Palmerston High School. While building on time-‐honoured traditions, Norwell is committed to meeting the needs of 21st century students with innovative programming and technology. By promoting critical, creative, independent thinking and problem solving through diverse school experiences, we empower students to cultivate the skills necessary for a lifelong dedication to learning, while fostering local and global citizenship and healthy ways of life in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

THE CORE VALUES: Lifelong Learning ⋅ Inclusion ⋅ Good Citizenship

THE MISSION: To engage students in the learning process and to challenge them to achieve personal excellence.

THE COMMUNITY: Norwell is located in the town of Palmerston, which is one of four towns that make up the greater community of Minto. Norwell students come from all parts of Minto and the surrounding rural communities. Thus, there is a lot of interaction between communities and our students have access to many extracurricular activities and programs throughout Minto. These include outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and fishing; indoor sports at a community recreation complex with an ice rink and swimming pool; and cultural opportunities through the Drayton Festival Theatre, as well as Palmerston’s own Norgan Theatre and Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum.