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Erin District High School (EDHS) website: | Student Population: 600

THE SCHOOL: Erin District High School (EDHS) is located in the rural community of Erin. Of all the schools in our district, EDHS is the closest to Toronto ・ just 75 kilometres from the CN Tower. The staff at EDHS believes in respect and responsibility for oneself and for one・s community. We are committed to fostering a learning environment where every student can achieve their full academic potential, while also gaining a strong sense of community and engaging in the practice of good citizenship.

THE CORE VALUES: Personal Growth ⋅ Positive Relationships  Civic Responsibility

THE MISSION: To engage students in the pursuit of academic and personal improvement, while fostering a sense of citizenship.

THE COMMUNITY: Erin District High School is unique in Ontario ・ located in a multi-‐facility community centre called Centre 2000. The complex houses our school, a nursery school and a senior centre, as well as the public library, an arena, a recreation centre, a community theatre, a dental office and a physio-‐fitness centre. Located within this dynamic hub of activity, students at Erin District High School interact daily with many members of the community, from preschoolers to senior citizens.