Elementary School Programs

Also known as grade school or primary school, Ontario elementary schools customarily offer classes for students in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Most students in Ontario begin elementary school at four or five years old, but they are not required to do so until age six. After Kindergarten, students advance through Grades 1 to 8, where they are taught according to a standard, province-wide curriculum, which includes: the arts, French as a second language (some offer French Immersion), health and physical education, language, mathematics, science and technology, as well as social studies in Grades 1 to 6, and history and geography in Grades 7 and 8.

Upon successful completion of Grade 8 (which generally occurs at 13 years of age), the student advances to high school / secondary school. In addition, school boards must ensure that all elementary students have a minimum of twenty minutes of sustained, moderate to vigorous physical activity each school day during instructional time.

Most of our elementary schools welcome international students and here are a few options: Spencer Avenue and Princess Elizabeth in Orangeville, Rickson Ridge and Westminster Woods in Guelph. Please note that all elementary students must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of their elementary schooling.  The school will be assigned based on the address of residence.