Centre Dufferin District High School








Centre Dufferin District High School (CDDHS): www.ugdsb.ca/cddhs| Student Population: 800

THE SCHOOL: Centre Dufferin District High School (CDDHS) is located in the town of Shelburne. CDDHS has a proud tradition of academic excellence and extracurricular success. We believe students, staff, parents and the community are partners, working together to ensure the success of each student. We believe in our school motto, Partners learning together, creating successful tomorrows: Purpose and intention equal deep understanding. CDDHS is one of three high schools that run the Upper Grand District School Board・s ・Digital Historian Project.・ The program offers students the opportunity to learn and apply research and organizational skills while contributing to a digital archive of Dufferin County・s veterans and their war stories.

THE CORE VALUES: Academic Excellence  Sense of Community  Future Success

THE MISSION: To create a welcoming, safe and friendly environment where all students develop a pathway that leads to a future of success.

THE COMMUNITY: Shelburne offers students a dynamic cultural experience and access to some of Ontario・s rich history and heritage, as it is home to the Dufferin County Museum and Archives. The Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex provides year-‐round sports activities and hosts cultural events such as an agricultural fair and the annual Canadian Old Time Fiddle Contest. Shelburne is also the location of the Hockeyworks World Hockey Centre, an international ice hockey camp has been attended by more than 20 NHL players since it began in 1999. The town and surrounding areas provide a full spectrum of outdoor sports and activities, including golf, skiing, hiking, fishing and camping.